October 10, 2011

One Month to a Holiday Ready Kitchen: Check your spices

In my opinion - spices are the biggest players this time of year. In the kitchen anyway. When you think of fall, winter or the holidays; chances are the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, oranges, fresh pumpkin bread.. mmmm.... come to mind.

One Month to a Holiday Ready Kitchen: Check your spices!

Head to your spice cabinent and pull out everything! Open them, smell them, check their expirations dates. Throw away any old or clumpy spices.

Next, grab your newly created Master Ingredient List.

  • What spices are on your list?
  • What do you have and can cross off your list?
  • Low on anything?
  • Lacking anything?

Grab some notebook paper and make a list of needed spices. It is best to start stocking now. Spices are expensive - this helps you space out the purchases and the chunks of your grocery budget! Plus, if your stores are like mine, the holiday baking extras are now in the aisles and fully stocked (unlike later in the season, when they are slim pickins'!)

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