October 6, 2011

One Month to a Holiday Ready Kitchen: Kitchen Gifts

Another day.... another list!

Kitchen Gifts

Told you there would be a lot of lists; lists help you get organized and know exactly what your kitchen needs!

So today, pull out that note book paper and make a list of everyone you give a baked gift. Every year around the start of school, hubby and I brainstorm ALL gifts = wrapped, stocking, baked, neighbors, co-workers, etc. This keeps us focused on meaningful gifts within our budget. It also leads to this list... kitchen gifts.

By each person's name or family unit, jot down favorite foods, allergies, any specifics. Group together specifics that match. Have several gluten free friends? How about some chocolate loving co-workers?

Now brainstorm some sweets.... since you've grouped similar tastes, think of treats made in big batches to split and package.
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Jams and jelly
  • Breads
  • Cookies........ for example

Narrow down your list and match the kitchen gift to the giftee.

Also, take a moment to decide on packaging (tins, baskets, platters, bags, etc.) and make a list. That way you can watch for sales of Christmas tins and know exactly how many you need. No guessing and discovering you don't have enough later!

Put these lists in your 'Baked Gifts' section.
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