October 5, 2011

One Month to a Holiday Ready Kitchen: Favorite Family Activities

Day #3: Favorite Family Activities

Bring out some more note paper - we're making another list! Please - believe me - follow me here. It will all make sense later. Trust the professional list maker.

Sit down with the family and brainstorm - what are the favorite family activities? You may be surprised what they say!

Now that you have the main list roughly written out, discuss the next 3 questions:

1) Pick one new family activity.
  • Maybe decorate cookies as a family and deliver to a shelter, neighbor, nursing home...
  • How about letting each family member pick a name from a local Angel Tree; have fun shopping together!

2) Decide on one activity to do with your spouse.
  • Holidays are busy and streeful, make sure you are taking time with your spouse. Sneak away for a movie, dinner, look at Christmas lights - whatever will help you both relax and connect during this hectic time.
  • Hubby and I always plan a time for just us, so we can swap presents. This year, we're going to purchase a holiday themed puzzle & plan a few evenings of chatting and hot cocoa.
  • Decide, plan it, and put it on the calendar!

3) Pick 3 new 'anything!'
  • If you are like me, you look at hundreds of food, craft and activity ideas online, thinking "I'll do that one!" "Oh and that one!" And never accomplish any of them. So sit down, and pick 3. ONLY 3! Then make sure to block time on your calendar~ plan some fun. 
4) Plan something for yourself.
You are busy. Parties, school activities, cookies, baking, gifts, shopping, gift wrapping, decorating, stuffing a turkey, whew!

This year, I would like to get a manicure. Take time for me, relax, and have pretty nails!

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