October 4, 2011

One Month to a Holiday Ready Kitchen: Making our lists

Alrighty - grab those fun office supplies you gathered yesterday and let's get this binder started!

1) Using your tab dividers, make sections titled:
  • Holiday traditions
  • Calendar
  • Baked gifts
  • Recipes
  • Coupons
  • Shopping Lists
  • Gifts: Master List

2) Make a fun cover! Take a creative moment and make your binder pretty!

3) Print calendar pages for October, November, December and January (and put in the 'calendar' section.) Miscrosoft online has several free calendar options.

Fill in the calendar where you can - do you always spend Christmas Eve at an Aunt's house? Write that down. Do you swap years with family and know that this year, Thanksgiving's at your house? Write that down. School plays? Candlelight services? That's right -- write that down!

If you keep a master, family planner or calendar, make sure your binder calendar and family one match up!

~ Now we start to fill the book! I am a big list maker - I make lists for everything. It is my belief, that lists are the key to organization. (you know... as long as you complete them....)

Our first list is traditions - grab a few sheets of notebook paper and start writing! Don't try to put things in order, this is a broad rough draft, just list everything you can think of:
  • Do you drink cocoa and eat popcorn while decorating the tree?
  • Is it tradition to go shopping on black friday?
  • Are there birthdays or anniversaries during these months?
  • Hubs & I always get ice cream and drive around, looking at Christmas lights.

    The key is to think of every little thing you do every year!

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