April 12, 2011

If you can't say something nice....

Well you know the rest. I've had two comments sitting in my inbox for almost a year now.... just waiting to get approved. They are a little hurtful. A little critical. Unnecessary. And a reminder to always do better.

Actually, the two comments are toward the same post. The post which actually happens to be my most popular post. Most responses, most hits - and I guess most criticism.

I'm finally releasing the comments. I've stewed over them long enough and you know what? I'm comfortable with them, me and my blog.

I do still wonder why though? I will gladly consider any and all constructive criticism, please give me feedback, but what prompts people to be hurtful? If you don't like me, my writing, my food, then move on.... don't be hatin'.

  • I shop at Wal-Mart because I have very few options in my medium-sized town.

  • And actually I do believe cooking is combining ingredients (no matter their source) and sticking them in an oven. Or skillet. Or crockpot. Did an item cook during the process? Well then, that's 'cooking' honey.

  • I make no claims to be a culinary genius. There are no cookbook offers, TV shows or publication (even though I'd love that!) I crockpot, I fry, I believe everything is better with cheese or chocolate. My sugar comes with a little tea and preferably a lot of mint. I may love complex dishes at fancy restaurants - but in my opinion, nothing will beat some home-fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Let's be polite. Let's welcome differences. Let's look for the positive side. Let's show support.



Don't worry GIRLFRIEND! That's what the DELETE button is for! And I agree, there are about a million food blogs out there, they can just move on if they don't like your AWESOME COOKING! I am sure very few people out there grow their fruits, veggies and raise their own cows for ALL of the meals they prepare! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You go GIRL!!!

the country cook said...


Chara said...

Wow, that looks delicious! See, if you'd never released those comments I might never have seen this wonderful recipe.

Also, I shop at Wal-Mart. They employ a lot of people that need jobs.

Anonymous said...

You do an awesome job! Don't let anybody ever get you down. Love ya sis!

Our Treasured Home said...

You do a wonderful job cooking and blogging! I totally agree, if you don't like something click on!

The Paper Princess said...

Dear Kristen

I"m so sorry you've had that experience! I recently had someone leave me a rather snide comment on my blog questioning why I did something one way and not another. The thing is - you can't please everyone - nor should you try. I TOTALLY agree that one should think twice about how there words will affect the recipient - and if there is any chance it could be construed as hurtful - move on!

You have a fabulous week!


Christina @ It's a Keeper said...

One of my favorite quotes comes from Ina Garten/The Barefoot Contessa:

"Food is not about impressing people. It's about making them feel comfortable."

In my opinion, it doesn't matter if you're assembling an (amazing looking) pretzel pizza or making beef bourguignon from scratch -- if your family loves it and you get to enjoy the meal together, that's what counts.

I've received several comments on my blog similar to ones you spoke about for some of my most popular recipes too. So, thank you for standing up and saying something!

Now, I'm off to get the ingredients to make those pretzels! :)

Christina @ It's a Keeper

Morgan said...

Who knew that pretzels could stir up unkind comments?!? Don't be afraid to delete! It's your blog and if you don't want the negative vibes, that's okay too.

For what it's worth, the pretzels look yummy to me!

Tracy said...

I agree that it's okay to delete comments you don't like.

I agree that if they don't like the way you do things, they can just move right along!

I agree that you do an amazing job and I appreciate what you do for your blog!