March 28, 2011

This Week's Cravings: Surprise Ingredients

This week's theme is unique and fun (at least I think it's fun!). Reveal some secrets - do you hide veggies? Perhaps your famous chocolate chip cookies have a hint of orange zest? Are you into the stuffed cookie fad? We want to read them all!

It's Surprise and Secret Ingredients week!

I hide veggies. My husband isn't a big veggie person - so I have to be a little sneaky. Having lot of pureed veggies on hand for Baby Q makes it really easy....

  • Add pureed carrots to spaghetti sauce. They can thicken the sauce and add a little sweetness.

  • My sister will add finely chopped chickpeas to chocolate chip cookies. Can't tell!

  • Cauliflower in mashed potatoes.

  • Spinach in smoothies.

  • Pureed black beans or sweet potatoes in brownies..

Today though I'm working on some mac'n'cheese! I love making mac'n'cheese from scratch- so rich and creamy! And not so healthy! When trying to make a healthier version I discovered a few things:

  • You can switch to healthier pasta.

  • You can't change that sauce. Bleh. Keep it real!

  • Use low-fat cheese - still works!

  • Cheese hides veggies. Fo'sho'.

So here are some great secret mac'n'cheese stir ins!

  • Use all cheddar cheese and add pureed sweet potatoes, carrots or even pumpkin to the sauce.

  • Use all white cheeses and add chopped cauliflower.

{Insert picture saved to the memory card I forgot at home. To be inserted asap}

{Got the picture, edited, can't get it to upload correctly! Ahhhh!}


Click here for my Mac'n'Cheese recipe!

Here's a run down of our little shindig and the rules:

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This Week's Cravings Schedule:

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March 28 - Surprise! There's ___ in your food! Share recipes with surprise and secret ingredients.

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April 11 - Your incredible, edible EGG recipes!

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