February 25, 2011

Baby Food: Carrots

Oh the joys of baby food. It has been a blast trying new flavors with Baby Q - his facial expressions and reactions are hilarious. I know when he really likes something because he growls before every bite. As I make my approach with the spoon I hear, "grrrrooooOOOOWWWLLL! om nom nom smack smack." For every - single - bite. He's such a cutie!

Our Menu:

Applesauce: Didn't spit it out - but smacks it around while looking at me suspiciously. I don't think he likes the texture. I'm going to try making some a little thicker and try them again.

Bananas: I smoosh a little with some mixed formula and he loves it.

Avocado: Loves it. Go figure...

Peaches: Absolutely loves peaches. But I don't know how much they love him, because there are some interesting diapers the next day. Just saying...

Squash: No.

Sweet potatoes: Probably his favorite - He eats sweet potatoes several times a week. Lots of growling.

Green Beans: NO. He made it very clear he didn't like green beans - usually I can at least get him to open his mouth a little (then I shove the food in) but with green beans he closed shop. Wouldn't open. Wouldn't smile. Didn't even blink.... just starrrrrred at me.

Carrots: He will eat them, but doesn't enjoy them. In fact he makes a soured expression then shivers like he's cold after every single bite. It's quite funny.

Pears: These are next on the list - I think we will get an 'applesauce' reaction because of the texture.

Cereals: He loves his organic brown rice cereal - I think because I mix it with formula and a little apple juice. I don't like sharing his picture, I want to keep him in his little bubble, but this picture of his first cereal meal is just too cute.

Being almost 8 months old now (sniff sniff), we will soon begin the lovely phase of blended meats. Oh boy. :)


When trying a new flavor I always buy a little jar - the perfect sample size. I want to gauge his reaction before making a huge batch, because I love making baby food! It is super easy and very economical. Here's how I make carrots...

Baby Food: Carrots

I bought organic. In my mind it's well worth the price - this 1 lb. bag cost below $3.00.

Scrub, scrape and chop the carrots...

Boil in water until very soft. Pour carrots and water into a blender {I have a fabulous baby food blender. Love love love it} and puree until perfectly smooth.

Spoon into ice cube trays and freeze.

Once frozen pop into a labeled freezer bag and stash in the freezer. Be sure to label with date and food type. Once frozen, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and carrots look really similar!

Baby Q eats two ice cubes a meal, which makes portioning easy. I just nuke a couple cubes for dinner - or if going out throw cubes in a little container and they will slowly thaw.


  • This batch of carrots made 16 meals = 18 cents a meal!

  • Jarred carrots are 46 cents each. EACH! That saves me 28 cents a meals, or $4.48 total.

My notes on organic...

This is really important to me. Chemicals are everywhere - sprayed on our veggies, injected into meats, food is coated in wax to look prettier.... yuck! I do not want these things in the beautiful, delicate, developing body of my baby!

There are helpful lists available concerning buying organic. But basically - porous food items = organic. Items in a safe shell = non-organic. For example, when making sweet potato baby food I do not buy organic because the outside is not used. I carefully scoop the insides leaving a bit still attached to the skins. Note: $3-4 of sweet potatoes, depending on size, makes a huge batch of food at 8 cents a serving. Amazing!

Do you make baby food? Please share your stories and tips!

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the country cook said...

LOVED this post, especially your thoughts on organic. I don't buy organic, but I might change my mind when I have a little one!

Vaughnde said...

Thank you for this! I'm raising my 17 month old grandson and he does some of the same stuff as your son does with food. So far I have only made sweet potatoes and added spices to make it more like pumpkin pie and he absolutely LOVES it! I'll try to do carrots next week. Right now, poor baby is sick again :(

Our Treasured Home said...

What an adorable picture!! Making your own baby food is so worth the effort!