January 3, 2011

New Year, New Direction!

I've been writing about my New Year resolutions quite a bit actually, but I wanted to share one, main official list!

Looking at last years list - it's amazing how things change. I was preggers and super excited. Still am. Excited that is... but my list has a completely different direction. My priorities have shifted, my viewpoint changed.

1) Of course - my health. Leading up to my pregnancy, I'd worked hard to lose 20 pounds. I'm back to my pre-baby weight and ready to start back on my weight loss. I'd love to lose another 20 pounds before we start trying for baby #2!

In addition to weight loss, I want to be more healthy in general. Dentist appointments on time, skin scans and my first mammogram.

2) BALANCE. This is my word for 2011 - balance. I tend to bite off more than I can chew and overwhelm myself. I need to learn to balance my professional career, relationships, house work, blog work, writing, baking side business and much needed 'down' time.

3) Just read. I usually make an ambitious list, but this year I just want to read. Anything. For fun. Make time for me.

That's my short & sweet personal resolution list. :)

My blog goals:

  • Continue to develop my writing skills. I have wonderful opportunities this year!
  • Expand my culinary skills - try some new techniques, ingredients, etc.
  • Maybe this will be the year to become a dot-com?!?

Be sure to read my other 'resolution' posts!

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the country cook said...

Yay! How exciting to have goals. I've never actually made an official list at New Year's, but I might have to borrow yours. Losing 10 pounds would be one for me. :-) And you should definitely go dot com. It only costs $10 a year with blogger, and they even redirect your customer base for you.

♥The Sweet Life♥ (Alessandra) said...

Great goals!!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

Love the goals. I'm currently pregnant with my 2nd and can't wait to get back in shape!