November 9, 2010

Holiday: Prep & Organization - Vroom Vroom

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching!

I have a few tips this week - cars, your holiday journal and menu planning.

1) Vroom Vroom goes the car.... or so you hope. Travelling for the holidays? Then get your mode of transportation checked. Here's a list:

  • Oil - good to go?
  • Tires - blow outs & flats are always inconvenient; but especially when you are dressed in holiday attire & your car has 2 casserole, a pie and antsy kids in the back seat. Better safe, than sorry.
  • Give it a good clean! You will spend a chunck of the time hanging out in the vehicle, so make it pretty. Vacuum, clean the vents, spray some air freshener.
  • Activities - Plan ahead for bored company! Try giving your normal car games a holiday twist; and remember, when coming home you can start the Christmas games!

2) Remember my talk of a holiday planner? Well, add my car list to that organizer! Then, click over to this wonderful site and amazing Thanksgiving planning information: Your Way

3) Included in Your Way's planning materials is a menu planner and baking planner. Print these to have on hand as you sort through all the wonderful recipes linked to these past weeks of This Week's Cravings! We have a tasty assortment of pumpkin recipe and cookies & treats.

Don't forget... the more planning and preparation -> the calmer you will be -> the calmer you are, the happier you are -> the happier you are, the happier your family & loved ones will be! Let's have a stress free holiday season!

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Our Treasured Home said...

Great tips! Being organized always makes everything go smoother.