October 19, 2010

Gold Star Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday! Welcome to another week of Gold Star Wednesday :)

I've been slow on the posts this past week, for that I am sorry. Don't be thinking I'm falling behind - I'm just spending time brainstorming and creating future posts!

I'm proud of my Holiday post - and the holiday preparation series I will continue to work into my posts. Don't avoid or procrastinate the holidays! Follow my prep posts and relax this holiday season!

Now, here are the party details and rules:

When: Every Wednesday

Where: http://www.frommytinykitchen.blogspot.com

Who: Everyone! Invite your friends and please share the party of your blog!

What: That post you worked hard to get just perfect? Maybe you are trying a new style or subject? Or there's a post you're proud of, but it didn't get much traffic and you want to share? Everyone writes posts that makes them proud - and I want to read them! So, pick your favorite post of the week before, and meet me here every Wednesday to share and give yourself a gold star!

Rules: Please mention this party on your blog and link your post to this party. When linking, use the web address for your specific post, not your blog homepage. If you like, grab my button ~ and spread the comment love!

What made you proud last week?

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Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Love this idea, going to find a post now!