October 28, 2010

Cookie Cutter Challenge

Since I am practicing my crazy cookie skills (posts to come soon!) I've decided I'd like a challenge!

Please visit this wonderful website: http://www.thecookiecuttershop.com/ and browse their many unique cookie cutters....

...such as:

Magical Wand...

isn't there a magic related movie in November that would fit this perfectly?!? :)


Lots of details...


Super cute cookie for bachelorette parties or a Sweet 16 birthday!

.....then let me know your pick by commenting here or on my From My Tiny Kitchen facebook page.

I will place an order for cookie cutters soon and then document the experience! Please though stick with the $1.95 & $2.25 cookie cutters.

Can't wait to read your votes!

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Our Treasured Home said...

Oh my!! How do you ever decide?? But I really liked the ones of birds.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely vote on one! This is a really neat idea.