August 4, 2010

Life with Baby

I have so much to write about - there is so much going on, I just don't know where to start. Mainly, it's all material for The Prego Diaries.... which should be changed to The Baby Diaries now. Here are some of my potential topics:

  • Sleep deprivation & the hilarity and embarassment it brings
  • Breast feeding challenges (for example: what causes an infant to latch on, pull away and turn to look at something else?!?)
  • Birth recovery - what I was not prepared for
  • Explosions in the diaper
  • Explosions out of the diaper
  • Little boys and fire hoses
  • How long is too long for skipping showers?
  • It's all about the little things... whether it's smiles from my gassy boy or peeing alone with the bathroom door closed.

See? Where should I begin? :)

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the country cook said...

Begin with how happy you are. :-)

Our Treasured Home said...

All of this brings back alot of memories! Motherhood is a full of joys and trials and worth it all.

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Oh the joys of motherhood, all so wonderfully exhausting. Love to hear them all, but first things first you must post a picture of that darling boy of yours!!!

Mickey said...

AAh, memories ... Next time you are so exhausted and spent, just remember this time flies. Mine are 15,12 and 10 and it seems like it went by soooo fast. Enjoy every minute you can, especially with that gassy boy - he will quickly become a gassy teen :)