July 1, 2010

Mexi Rice

** I am still here.... and still pregnant! Sorry for my lack of posts, these past couple weeks have been spent working like crazy. I'm catching up and working ahead in the office and spending time at home nesting and just trying to relax *sleep* while I can! But I do have a recipe for this week...

Very fast, easy and flavorful! This side easily accompanies not only Mexican, but grilled chicken, shrimp and fish.

Mexi Rice

  • 2 cups rice

  • 1 can tomatoes & chili's - you pick the heat level!

  • 1/4 cup chopped onions

  • Cilantro

  • 4 cups water or stock

  • 2 Tb lemon or lime juice, optional

  • Salt & pepper to taste

  1. In a large saucepan, saute onion in a couple tablespoons butter, margarine or olive oil on medium-low heat until translucent. Add rice, stir to distribute onion and leftover fat (like bits of that melted butter! mmmmm)

  2. Add liquid & stir well. I used homemade chicken stock, which added a great flavor. However, water is just fine. The rice will still have a lot of flavor!

  3. Cover and cook on medium-low heat for 10 minutes. Carefully lift lid and check out your rice - still some liquid? Return the lid and cook for another 3-5 minutes. Liquid all gone? Take a small bite and see if the rice is soft - if still crunchy add another cup of liquid, return lid and keep cooking. Mine still had a little crunch, so I popped open my tomatoes and added just the liquid to my rice - wonderful!!

  4. Once rice is soft, immediately remove from heat. Stir and fluff around with a fork, then pour into large bowl. If you haven't already... strain the tomatoes. Add tomatoes to rice - stir well. If you like, also stir in the lemon or lime juice. Salt & pepper to taste.

  5. Before serving, add chopped, fresh cilantro - you pick the quantity! We L-O-V-E cilantro so I added a cup, then sprinkled a little extra on top just for good measure. Also, I had a couple scallions in the fridge that I chopped and tossed; more color!

This makes a lot of rice - I think you could use 1 cup rice and 2 cups liquid and it would be great. The tomatoes and chili's would be much stronger... more pizazz!

We ate Mexi Rice with Chicken Enchiladas - Yum!

This recipe is posted to Foodie Friday!

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colorchic said...

Looks Tastey!

Dave said...

That looks great, and so easy! Thanks for sharing :)

Jerri said...

Great recipe! So colorful! And those chicken enchiladas look fabulous!

Our Treasured Home said...

This recipe is so much better than the mixes you can buy. Wonderful photos!

Suzy said...

I'm a huge rice fan! This looks great.

Live.Love.Eat said...

This looks delicious and so pretty too with the specks of color.

And congrats on being pregnant!