May 24, 2010

Menu Planning

No, this isn't me starting back with my weekly menu planning posts... sigh. But I am making a valiant effort to make better menu plans. My new tactic? Monthly Menu Planning!

See, here's my thinkin' - I will create a master list of favorite dishes, sides, lunches, bulk breakfast prep, the recipes and ingredient lists. Then every month I will create a 'plan' of meals (including sides). In the past I would create a plan for one week, but plans would change, or what I had just did not sound good at all at the time and was pushed back. This way, I can look at the list, see what's available and then pick what we want! I won't work out 31 meals exactly - because there will be times we eat out, have dinner with friends, last minute get-togethers, etc. But no worries... because I will still have to make lighter trips to the store for perishables and veggies.

Kudos to blogger "Life as Mom" = her blog is a big help! She is a planner and has some wonderful ideas, tips, make ahead recipes and freezer planning (which I will start featuring.) Be sure to check her out!

Now, my question for you.... any suggestions?!?! I want a nice Rolodex assortment of options! I will combine new and old, healthy and indulgent... and I want to be sure to have some dessert options on hand :) If I can get organized and work my way thru my freezer and pantry I think this will be a big help as I get closer to my due date and definitely while on maternity leave.

Thanks everyone - I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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the country cook said...

Think leftovers along with meals! For example, if you plan to have tacos one night, make enough meat to have nachos the next (etc.). I'd do some crock pot meats (like chicken, roast, etc.) and freeze them in portion sizes for different meals so that you won't have to worry about it when Baby Q comes. :-)

Our Treasured Home said...

Sounds like you have a great plan. Remember to keep a couple of meals for experimenting.