May 12, 2010

Birthing Class #2: Shock & Awe

Last night was our second session of birthing classes and it was a little more intense. Dang near cried twice. It was the videos - they made me so emotional! One moment I'm grimacing about what is happening and thinking, "My body is going to do WHAT?!?" Then you see the precious babies and relieved mothers. The room was nothing but 'ooh's,' 'aah's,' 'ow's,' and the occasional "hee hee whoooooo' of our breathing exercises.

It was very educational though and I really do enjoy the time. We discussed using birthing balls, squatting bars, what to expect from our hospital and many... many.. more definitions. And videos... though many are animated explanations, which tends to add to the surreal nature of the situation.

I think, in some way, I have been in denial. Just a smidge. 'Cause you see.... it's starting to hit me that I have to actually birth a baby. Everything has been so exciting - yeah, I'm pregnant! yeah, I'm starting to show! yeah, the baby is kicking & rolling & getting the hiccups! Decorating a nursery is fun! But now, I'm preparing for.... sweet molasses, this kiddo expects to come out. Of me.

I don't want to seem naive or narrow minded; holding my first born, rocking to sleep, breast feeding - these are all things I have dreamed of for a long time. But how many women sit around thinking of birth & labor- unless you are weeks from your due date? I have 58 days remaining... at one time I was hearing my biological clock hiding behind me. This new clock is a lot louder.

Changing the tone... Baby Q is a very active baby! Sudden lurches, jabs and kicks can make me catch my breath at times! No matter how uncomfortable, or how often my bladder is a bouncy-toy - I love feeling Baby Q move. One of my favorites activities in the evening, is right after dinner sit down and just stare at my jostling belly!

Upcoming: Baby Shower pic's & a nursery feature!


Melinda said...

Ahh, the memories! You'll be fine. ;) And only 58 more days!

Joyce said...

58 days- how exciting!

I remember trying to do the classes with my first born. We got to the labour videos, I walked out, threw up and never saw a birthing experience ( other than animals) so it was allllllll a surprise in labour!