April 7, 2010

There's a snake in my boots!!

Actually… no.

That just sounded a little better than “There seems to be an alien in my tummy!” The belly movement is unlike anything I’d ever expected. Though to be honest, I don’t know what I really expected. I’ve heard baby movement referred to as “flutters,” “feels like gas bubbles,” or even “bladder trampoline.” And now, when someone asks how it feels – I can only say, “Well, it literally feels like tiny fists punching.” Simply.

Sometimes in moments of exhaustion and pain I lovingly use phrases such as:

  • Tiny fists of fury!

  • Ninja monkey has begun karate class…

  • Baby Q got a glimpse of light and is trying to punch its way out!

  • Pleeeeeeeeease quit kicking at the back door. No one is going to answer.

I am carrying very low, but recently movement has begun working its way up. Breathe is getting shorter. My stomach lurches and bounces alarming those around me (just hubby really, because in moments of extreme movement I tend to expose my belly and just sit and starrrrre at it). While it can be painful and at times I wonder when nap time begins – for both of us – it is always comforting. I will always grab my stomach, even if initially in reaction to a painful kidney kick, to caress and attempt to soothe my little one. My active baby is a blessing, growing healthy and strong, and the rumble’n’tumble is constant reassurance. At times, it feels like Baby Q is stretching out and I can’t help but try to picture what she or he looks like – hair color, eyes, mouth, nose, maybe yawning and just stretching out those adorable limbs. And I smile. And continue to rub my tummy… soothe my baby.

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Our Treasured Home said...

It is an alien experience! But one you will cherish and laugh about.

Kathleen said...

Cool feeling! Love your recipe for pumpkin crunch

the country cook said...

Snake in my boots...lovely way to put it! Enjoy it...you won't get that feeling often in life!