March 19, 2010

The Prego Diaries

Warning: This is a pregnancy related post about sensitive (metaphorically & literally) subjects. I do not intend to be crude~ I just have a slightly sarcastic sense of humor. If you know me personally, see me on a regular basis &/or embarrass easily.... well, you have been forewarned.


Quote me…

  1. If the doctor keeps insisting that I pee in that tiny cup… well I can’t guarantee any success. It’s like hitting a target blindfolded.

  2. Prego pants – comfortable 75% of the time. That other 25% the band is either too low and squashing the breath out of you – or it’s too high and is somehow managing to push all your organs into your throat. And still managing to squash the breath out of you.

  3. I fluctuate between enjoying every second I can feel my Baby moving to begging the munchkin to please, please stop pummeling Mommy’s insides. My organs hurt, I can’t breathe and it feels like someone punched me in my who-haw.

  4. It’s not only ‘real men’ that walk like John Wayne. Pregnant women carrying low replicate that swagger perfectly as well. And we probably have that “I dare you to challenge me” scowl too.

  5. For some women, ‘snissing’ and ‘snarting’ is a real problem. Please don’t point, stare and sniff the air accusingly. Thank goodness I have not experienced these issues, but I’m scared of every. single. sneeze.

  6. My boobs. Sigh. They still change colors constantly, but don’t hurt like the dickens anymore – so that issue is easily ignored.

  7. Hubs felt the baby kick this week and we were thrilled. I have been feeling movement for quite a while now and anxiously awaiting the point where he could feel ‘thumps’ as well!

  8. The baby room is like my wedding – I have thought about this experience for years now. I have plans and I’m emotional – I truly apologize for anything I say or comment.

  9. I’m sorry I yawn all the time but I feel that I can never catch a full breath, and the lack of oxygen causes me to yawn.

  10. Sleepy. So sleepy. So so sleepy.

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susan said...

You are excused for all of it--John Wayne walk and all :)

the country cook said...

:-) I wish I had a video of your John Wayne walk.

Chara said...


Our Treasured Home said...

This is a wonderful time in your life! It is great that you are keeping a diary of your experiences the joys, and the aches and pains.