February 18, 2010

Happy 101 Blog Award!

I've been given a blog award! :) Thank you Cherylann @ Ramble Time - Reinvented! So sweet of you to pass this award on to me!

Here are the award rules:

  • Copy and display the award on one’s blog.

  • List who gave me the award and link to their blog

  • List 10 things that make me happy, and

  • Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know.

10 Things That Make Me Happy....

  1. Feeling my baby move :)

  2. The Hubs

  3. My family - they are the best!

  4. Food honestly! Could be a comforting plate of mac'n'cheese, cup of great coffee or practically any dessert - just makes me happy.

  5. Picnics & flying kites.

  6. Warm spring days.

  7. Organization.

  8. Watching snow fall.

  9. Traveling. I love to travel & experience new places; I love being on the go. Even if I'm just traveling an hour to a new restaurant, I'm happy - it's like a little adventure.

  10. My Lord. The peace and comfort I feel; that is a happiness like no other.

Oke doke --- now for the 'pass along...'

  • Rhonda @ Our Treasured Home : Just getting started but I can't wait to see what you add :)

  • Kristin @ Delightful Country Cookin : She makes me smile :) Another newbie, and I'm so excited she joined the blogging world!

  • Sweet Pea @ Newlyweds! : 'Cause I just can't get enough pictures of her adorable twins!!!

  • Sandy @ Reluctant Entertainer: The photography! The food! The parties! .... sigh.

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Sandy said...

Thank you for nominating me - I am honored! Love, S

Our Treasured Home said...

Congratulations! and Thank you.

Our Treasured Home said...

Congratulations! and Thank you!

Cherylann said...

You are most welcome!

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Thank you for the award, you deserve yours and thanks for thinking of me.