February 3, 2010

2010 Reading List

Remember my 2010 Reading list? I posted it around the beginning of the year? Well, here is a re-cap:

  1. The Zookeepers Wife; Diane Ackerman.
  2. The Outlander; Diana Gabaldon.**
  3. A Breath of Snow and Ashes; Diana Gabaldon.
  4. An Echo in the Bone; Diana Gabaldon.
  5. Julie & Julia; Julie Powell.
  6. What to Expect While You're Expecting; Heidi Murkoff {Hopefully, I will finish this by July!}
  7. Anne of Green Gables; LM Montgomery. **
  8. Gone with the Wind; Margaret Mitchell.
  9. The Red Tent; Anita Diamant.*
  10. Little Women; Louisa May Alcott.*
  11. John Adams; David McCullough.
  12. On Beauty; Zadie Smith.
  13. Memoirs of a Geisha; Arthur Golden.
  14. The Reader; Bernhard Schlink.
  15. Beloved; Toni Morrison.
  16. Breakfast at Tiffany's; Truman Capote.
  17. Doctor Zhivago; Boris Pasternak.
  18. The End of the Affair; Graham Greene.
  19. The Hound of Baskerville; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  20. The Picture of Dorian Gray; Oscar Wilde.

The 'blue' are my January accomplishments!

(Click book covers to read more about the books)

The two Diana Gabaldon books:

Great! These are a part of a series I love. I have read the first - The Outlander - several times. They continued the story of characters Jamie & Claire wonderfully and I can't wait for the next (and last) in the series.

Julie & Julia:

Meh. Several people have asked my opinion of this book, and my reply? Watch the movie!!! I found the movie to be much more entertaining and frankly less annoying. The book focuses very little on Julia Child; it revolved around Julie as she cooks her way thru Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Yet, it's not necessarily about the cooking. Approaching 30, Julie seems to be going thru a mid-life crisis, is often mean to her husband, and constantly ridicules and demeans Republicans and conservatives. Her political dialogue is what hurt the book the most for me: she lumps all conservatives into one harshly molded assumption; criticizes the way Republicans dress, act, speak, shop, work, eat, etc. etc. It got old.

The Zookeepers Wife:

Fascinating. This book tells the story of a husband and wife operating a zoo in Warsaw. Caught in the turmoil of WWII, they use their zoo as cover for hiding Jews, producing false documents and Underground Operations. The events depicted are inspiring. The author, Diane Ackerman, seemed to trail away from the main story line occasionally, but it was always brought back and tied together. If you are interested in this era of history I would definitely recommend The Zookeepers Wife.

My next choices are Little Women & The End of the Affair!

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Linda said...

I don't know if I'll read Julie & Julia. Julie annoyed me throughout the movie. I imagine she's more annoying in the book.

Maggie said...

I read The Red Tent. It was a bit slow for me in the beginning but I enjoyed it throughout. I really love historical and religious fiction. Anyway, good luck with your reading list and thanks for sharing such good recipes!

Meredith said...

I loved Julie and Julia - the book better than the movie. I just wanted to throw in a plug for it - I think many will find universality in the everyday ups and downs of Julie, her project, and even in the wit and humor of her politics.

Kristen said...

Meredith - I definitely related to her many kitchen struggles! The moments of panic and feeling of failure were very familiar. I just found her political banter close minded and discriminatory.

searching said...

I just found your blog...via a sinful krispy kreme recipe! :) I see that you are talking about reading Graham Greene's The End of the Affair soon. It's very, very fabulous and very, very sad.

I love your blog! I will mark it down to share on my own. www.lifegetsinthewayofliving.blogspot.com.

PerfectDay4BananaFish said...

Dorian Gray is one of my favorites.
If you haven't read it already, I also recommend Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen) and The Idiot (Dostoyevsky).