January 22, 2010

The Prego Diaries

First day for my prego diary – I have to admit, I’m a little nervous. Today is the beginning of my 17th week, but I would like to go back to the beginning & talk a little about my ‘road to pregnancy.’ You know, before we get into those interesting topics of burning boobies & constipation. This first entry - is a long one...

We knew we wanted to start a family – we always have – & felt like this was the right place in our lives. We also knew we weren’t getting any younger… & it may take a while. I have always had crazy periods & I mean c-raz-y periods…& the fear that I was ‘reproductively challenged.’ Of course, I had no proof, just a fear. So I quit BC & headed to the doctor for my yearly, armed with questions. His advice – try for 6 months, then come see him for further testing. We tried for 9.

I tracked my morning temperatures, read book. I used ovulation kits- which didn't work. The kit gave a positive ovulation result for 3 straight weeks. Not possible... I would lie on my back with my feet in the air. Changed my diet. We heard sage raises sperm count - added it to everything.

Trying to conceive was starting to bring me down – that nagging fear of something being wrong always lingering in the back of my mind. I didn’t realize at the time, but I was sad & a little depressed. I was blue… & cranky. After some heart-to-hearts with DH, & giving myself a good ol’ metaphorical kick in the tuckus, I went back to the Doctor to discuss my options. Apparently, some things just don’t want to work like they should. I don’t ovulate in a normal, routine fashion. With how old I am now, & how old I was when I first started my period – my ‘woman’ system was throwing me some nice, teenage rebellion. The first plan of action was Clomid, a fertility that induces ovulation. Now I just had to wait for my period…. {insert Jeopardy theme music}

I was so excited to call the Doctor & tell them when I started! After months of dreading my period & crying over negative pee sticks, this was a change. Clomid is structured- which I like. You take a pill on certain days, then on a very specific day of your cycle you go in for an internal ultrasound. Any medical term that begins with ‘internal’ makes me break out into a sweat. Insert another fear – I just knew they were going to get in there & say, ‘Oh my.’ ‘You’re missing girly parts.’ Instead, I had a healthy egg ready to be told what to do! Which meant a shot in the bum. Anything medical that involved needles makes me break out into a sweat & usually cry. But I pulled down my pants & took it in stride. My ass hurt for a week. I couldn’t even carry my purse on the same side ‘cause it would bump that sensitive butt cheek & I would want to cry. Again. After the shot, we were given an ‘intimate’ timeline. One would hope things would align for a nice, quiet, romantic weekend at home- but no. This was a very busy weekend full of a football game, visiting friends, dinners out, people over. But, sir, when you give me homework I aim for an “A.”

Next….was the waiting. I was familiar with this.

My period didn’t come. My thoughts? “What’s new here?” I didn’t take a test, I kept waiting.

Then one morning, I was home alone staring at the pee sticks & just decided to take one. I figured if it was negative I could cry & recover before DH returned from work, or I could plan a fun way to share the news. I peed but couldn’t look at it. So I took a shower. After running out of hot water I figured I should take a peek. It. Was. Positive! Once I quit hyperventilating & crying & resumed normal breathing, I set into to action. I needed more pee sticks! Quick!!

Few more tests later I was convinced – I WAS PREGNANT!!! Thank you, Lord! I sealed those beautiful positive, double lined, pee sticks in a plastic baggie & set into action. My plan was to dig out the video camera (figure out how to use the darn thing) & give a ‘special’ gift to DH. I wrapped the baggie of sticks with copies of ‘Green Eggs & Ham,’ (one of my faves) & ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ (DH’s fave) & waited. After he calmed down from the excitement we began spreading the news. We couldn’t wait to tell EVERYONE!!!

I know how blessed I am. We tried for 10 months & had success our first fertility treatment: learned much about ourselves, & each other, grew, matured, fought, found out I DO have all my girly parts even if they don’t want to work properly. Such an amazing experience, & it’s only just begun…. :)

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michelle said...

Congratulations! I'm almost 23 weeks and after some "trials" to get pregnant, it's such a joy! Well, past the first trimester! haha. I hope you're feeling well and enjoy the process!

the country cook said...

I'm so glad you were open enough to share with me while you were going through everything! It's nice knowing someone whose been through it all before I embark on my own journey.

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Love your preggo diaries and loved reading your story, what a happy one.

Kristi @ Pink and Polka Dot said...

congrats on being preggers! just always stop and take a mental picture...enjoy.