January 21, 2010

The Prego Diaries

I am starting a new series - and I am very excited! And a little nervous... The series will include 'diary' entries of my pregnancy experience, as well as nursery planning/decor, crafts, shower ideas and buying guides. Also (I'm really excited about this part) a series of interviews with other bloggers! I will be featuring guest bloggers as they talk about their own pregnancy and delivery experiences.

The part that makes me a little nervous... my diary entries. First, I do not want anyone to assume my entries are complaining. Ok, there may be a little complaining... but I am thrilled and blessed to be pregnant and never want anyone to doubt I feel that way. Second, it may get personal. If you know me personally, and see me in person - word of caution: I may get a little graphic. 'Cause let's face it - I find 'boob leakage' completely mortifying. it will happen to me. I will talk about it. Let's be honest... that's what blogs are for. Free expression and occasional venting. Therefore, most diary entries will begin with a 'warning label.' I might also add that I can be very sarcastic.

I hope you will join me for The Prego Diaries! And if you would like to be a guest blogger do not hesitate to email me @ frommytinykitchen@yahoo.com

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the country cook said...

Yay! Bring it on, with graphics and all. :-)