November 19, 2009

Take Me There Thursday

Hubs and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago in Bricktown & I wanted to share a local gem!

Myriad Gardens

Oklahoma City, Bricktown

This was our first adventure with the gardens, it was beautiful! The tropical conservatory was having an exhibit, ConservaSTORY, (till Dec. 31st) where children's fairy tale characters were hidden through out the gardens.

The gardens are amazing - there is a walkaway across one side, above all the plants and trees that provides a wonderful view:

Can you see Peter Pan?

There was also an orchid exhibit during ConseraSTORY. I love orchids & we almost purchased one, but didn't think it would survive in the car :(

Myriad is home to some unusual, exotic plants as well.....

Scary spikes!

REALLY tall cactus!!

Is it a Pinecone? Weird pineapple?

If you are ever in Oklahoma City, this is a wonderful stop. The price is very reasonable (be sure to check out all the possible discounts!) Plus there are 17 acres of landscaped gardens and a large section of the Bricktown canal.

Thanks for joining me for Take Me There Thursday!

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Looks like a great place to visit!!