October 20, 2009


FLYlady - heard of her? No? Well, hold on because I am about to spill the beans, vent, share and unload - all about FLY lady!

A friend shared the FLYlady site with me about the time I got married. Initially I loved it - dove right on in; but those were the days when everything was new and I still felt, a little, like I was just playing house. Slowly I began to relax and stray away from FLY lady-- and the junk accumulated. Papers piled high. There was designated - quick-hide-that-stack-here locations. And my stress levels maxed. I even stopped getting the flylady emails, because I didn't want to have to deal with what I knew I had to deal with....

... well now I'm back! I receive one email a day that breaks everything down - I LOVE FLYLADY! She divides the house into zones and then divides those zones into trouble areas. Every month has a theme, and the emails are full of encouragement. She even tells you things like- today, relax in a bubble bath!! Take care of you!! What works well with me-- I keep a notepad by my work computer and write down the email to-do's everyday. I do what I can from the list that night and whatever is left, I roll over. I feel less pressure to take care of everything all at once and checking items off a to-do list gives me such a sense of accomplishment! :)

Last night I started incorporating the 15 minutes timer (and did some catching up on my list.) I plugged in my head phones, set my timer and worked! For the first 15 minutes I focused on the kitchen - did the dishes, scrubbed the sink, cleaned the stove top and cleaned out the fridge. Whew! Next 15 was in the bathroom - scrubbed the tub, toilet, counter tops, cabinet doors, scrubbed inside & out the trash can AND mopped! Then I spent 15 minutes taking care of paper clutter - you know how much paper you can sort, file, shred and trash in 15 minutes? LOTS! And then I spent the last 15 minutes doing laundry - folding, hanging up and sorting. A solid hour and I did SO much! That gave me some of my evening to experiment with recipes :)

One FLYlady item I have used consistently through the years, is her FLYing through the Holidays planning system - it is a lifesaver!

If you use FLYlady I would love to hear from you! I would love to hear ANY comments concerning FLYlady! {Linked to Works for Me Wednesdays}

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Linda said...

I recently say Flylady's site. I didn't look too much but your post has me headed back to sign up!

Lilfix said...

I was like you...loved her in the beginning, little by little, slipping and falling under my piles of clutter and recently have been thinking about going back to her...The holidays are around the corner and I know it will only get worse if I don't get help soon...grin...Thanks for reminding me about FLYLady

Sharon said...

I'm going to check it out! thanks for the good tip!

newlyweds said...

I like you use to do the fly lady, then let it slip, though I do still use a timer, and always wipe down my sink!

Southern Lady said...

Sounds interesting, Kristen ... I'm going to check her web site out right now!

Thank you for sharing it.

PamperingBeki said...

I've signed up several times and never get the emails. :(

The one thing I do ALLLLL the time though is set the timer. We live by the timer around here for everything.