August 13, 2009

Take Me There Thursday

Vegas is becoming a difficult month for me to talk about - I get so scattered! I think, 'what about here?!' oh and 'what about here too?!' There is no organization to it at all. I apologize. I'm trying.


I'm discussing the various wonders I have experienced during my two trips to Vegas!

Let's talk Caesar. Caesar's Palace.

Great shopping - shows {I'm determined to go back and see Bette Midler in concert!} - nice casino floor - crazy curvy escalators

and of course GREAT FOOD!

I think it is officially a tradition that with every trip to Vegas, comes a visit to Wolfgang Puck's Spago. See - here is a picture our first year:

I remember I had a Smoked Duck Pizza - amazing! {and no, it was not 1995! Silly camera date-thingy. It was October though... so that's correct....}

And the second year:

Looks like the hostess was shaking the camera - but you can still tell it's us! And I kept notes on everyones dishes for the evening: I had the portebello mushroom, caramelized onion and mozzarella brick oven pizza, Sis had a wonderful egg salad sandwich {and I don't even like eggs} and Hubs ate veal ravioli in a tomato cream sauce. Yum!

Now= scroll back up and click on the Spago link - see the 'outdoor seating?' That is the 'I-want-the-Vegas-Spago-experience-without-the-bigger-bill' seating. That is where we sit. Many places in Vegas are set in a similar way; the farther you sit into the restaurant, the more expensive the menu.

Also in Caesar's is The Cheesecake Factory - this receives an honorable mention. My first Cheesecake Factory experience was in Vegas. Godiva Anniversary Cheesecake. The memory is so clear and appetizing....

On the list for our next Vegas visit is Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. You may be thinking Southwest cuisine in Vegas isn't exactly original or too daring... but its Bobby Flay. Mr. Flay. Bobby Flay Iron Chef Winner. Exactly. And once I've crossed Mesa Grill-Vegas off my list, that only leaves Mesa Grill - NYC and Mesa Grill-Bahamas.... to cross off all three would just be the cherry on my life sundae! {yeah, i know, even too corny for me. But you smiled you know you did}

Lastly is F.A.O. Schwarz - an amazing toy store. You enter the two-story shop near the 47 foot Trojan Horse replica.

And check out Hubs with the huge stuffed mammoth:

Yes, you read correctly. That is a stuffed animal. Purchasable. Stuffed. Mammoth. {Are the short statements making a big impact?} And I would like to point out that Hubs is over 6 feet tall.

Also in
F.A.O. Schwarz is an ice cream fountain where you can purchase more ice cream than you could ever eat. I love the bar full of marbles - so pretty!! The root beer floats are very pretty as well :)

I have to say my favorite part of F.A.O. Schwarz, honestly, isn't the ice cream. It's the huge floor piano. Hubs and Sis had to practically drag me off - here are our feet, it would light up when you stepped on the keys.

I'm trying to rationalize owning one....

Please join me next week as we discover more of Vegas!

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