July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is my first time for a "Wordless Wednesday" post! I will try to keep it as wordless as possible :)

My Sis-in-law had new Mini-Aussie puppies this weekend....

His name is Tre for the 3 spots on his nose...

He is already sold....

Here is Po - because he looked like the Po in Kung Fu Panda when he was born!

This adorable one - her name is Sister.

Baby girl SweetPea

And this little fella is Baby-J!

And then I claimed this little cutie - I named him Snickerdoodle :)

Unfortunately, I don't think the puppy would appreciate our apartment! They are absolutely precious though.

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Redge said...

They are so adorable..

Cuties, lovely..

Scott said...

So cute! I need a dog. (Sigh...) Happy WW!

Robin said...

Oh my goodness.....they are oh so very cute

Thanks for sharing them today

Have a beautiful day

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I'm not a dog person...but they are ADORABLE!!

April said...

You're torturing this poor apartment dweller with pictures of adorable puppies. We sooooo want a dog, but don't think it would like our small space and 7 mo human who is always grabbing the kitty.
They're adorable though!

Joyce said...

What is amazing to me is how they are all so different in coloring. My husband would just love on these pups but I would be walking it so I will have to pass on one of these cute little faces:)