July 29, 2009

I'll be back in a little while...

First let me say - I MISS YOU!!! I miss reading posts, keeping up with my blogging friends, drooling over amazing recipes and photos.... I will be back soon.

I have been so busy lately - I can only fondly remember the blogging world and dream about the wonders I am missing on my blog feed. You see, I have a few things taking up all my spare time .... I am teaching an online college course, preparing for the course I teach in the fall, up-to-my-neck-in-major-work-project, birthdays, sisters upcoming fall wedding, workshops, training -- and somewhere in between laundry, chores, groceries, wife, sleep. I feed my True Blood obsession too-- around midnight though...

Highlights -- Upbeats -- Pro's---

  • Grades for the online course are due next Tuesday, then I will be finished-WooHoo!!
  • Through it all I have lost about 2 pounds!
  • I do have several recipes ready to be posted- teaser: Fresh Peach Ice Cream. Plus more cake decorating/cupcake orders to share.
  • Next month for Take Me There Thursday I will feature Las Vegas, because I'm dying to get away for a couple of days & right about now, Vegas sounds fab-u-lous!
  • Also next month - my sisters bachelorette party. I will have crafts, invitation and treat ideas to share!

Be back soon :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow Missy you sure are busy, miss you in blog land but totally understand!!