July 15, 2009


For Wordless Wednesday, I wanted to share photos of cupcakes I made for a Baby shower and a Wedding shower!

Baby Shower

The baby shower had a bird, nest and egg theme---

There are four 'eggs' - one for each child - and I made the 'nests' from spun sugar similar to the garnish made in my Iron Cupcake entry.

Wedding Shower

The bride aka My Sister! requested flavors of Chocolate with Mocha Frosting and Lemon with Almond Buttercream.

There were a lot of polka dots at the party! Plus - see the super cute signs my Mom made with the cupcake titles!?!

Even some of the cupcake liners were polka dots!

Another super cute item my Mom made - a little tray with chalkboard paint added the perfect touch to the tablescape!
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Anonymous said...

Oh wow those cupcakes are super cute!! You are so talented, I am glad that your work is taking off!!