June 25, 2009

Take Me There Thursday

Road Trip - Week 4

We slept in – and it was glorious. This was our slow day on the trip – not as many miles to cover and we planned to take it slow!

Breakfast brought us back to the Paula Deen Buffet – can they cook a good breakfast or what?!?! I only took a picture of Round #1…

I drank coffee – of course (I’m a big coffee drinker!) – and let’s start in the bottom right corner & work our way around shall we? Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy, Fried Green Tomato with Eggs Benedict, Cheesy Grits, Sausage, Bacon, Hashbrowns, Hashbrown Casserole, Breakfast Casserole and a Buttermilk Biscuit. Eggs Benedict on top of a fried green tomato --- my goodness people. I don't even like eggs and I loved this! I crave this! I'm going to try this at home!

Round #2 included a pastry, casserole and sausage! :)

After breakfast we hit the casino floor again – it was almost completely empty and fairly smoke free; we had a blast. I actually hit a great machine and won enough $$ to visit the outlet mall across the street!

Late that morning we hit the road heading to Memphis…. Lunch time came and went but we didn't stop - we were so full from breakfast and slightly distracted from our next destination….


Fact: I. Love. Elvis. His voice is magical.

It was our first trip to Graceland so we took an extensive, grand tour. We took an audio tour through the Graceland property –

Here is the kitchen! –

We saw his personal airplane the Lisa Marie…

… and his jet.

His car collection:

An exhibit covering his military career:

And an exhibit covering his movie career.

And along the way we stopped for a peanut butter and banana sandwich and a Dr. Pepper.

It was a culinary experience – I mean it, no sarcasm. The bread was buttery and crisp. The peanut butter nice and warm; and there was just the right amount of bananas, they weren’t too strong. It was perfect.

Eventually we got back on the road and arrived back in Oklahoma that night…

We had a wonderful time on our road trip – it was great to get away and see so much of the country. I have a goal to visit all 50 states – this trip scratched 3 from my list! We found so many places we want to visit again.

Join me next Thursday – I will visit a new vacation destination! I would love to hear from everyone – what is your favorite vacation spot? Have somewhere you’ve always wanted travel to? Let me know!

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