June 4, 2009

Take Me There Thursday

Road Trip! Week 1

This month I will regale you with tales of the culinary adventures on our road trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We begin our trip in Oklahoma….

Our first stop was lunch in Arkansas. We planned to just grab some fast food and stay on the road.

But our bums begged otherwise.

Big Jake's BBQ

So we ate at Big Jake’s BBQ. I will admit, I wasn’t in full ‘documentation mode’ yet and this is my only picture…but the restaurant is decorated in John Wayne and western memorabilia and we had a great lunch. We both ordered BBQ brisket sandwiches with fries for a wonderful price of only $3.99 each! Can’t beat that! We were able to sit in a restaurant, relax, eat some free peanuts, great BBQ and it was less than a fast food restaurant meal!

I must give an honorable mention to Dairy Queen next. Dairy Queen just makes a road trip complete in my opinion….

Dinner time found us in Vicksburg, Mississippi – our destination for the first night. I wish we could have spent more time exploring Vicksburg; it is full of history, museums and beautiful countryside. We did head downtown for dinner though… isn’t it pretty? It’s full of restaurants and cute shops!

Borello’s restaurant was good… but not on the top of our list. I have to be completely fair though—their food truck had been delayed two days and we were unable to order our initial 4 or 5 picks from the menu.

We did however have some amazing fried green tomatoes – they were topped with crab meat and covered in a buttery sauce. Mmmmmm.

It was the hubs first time to experience fried green tomatoes and he loved them.

DH ordered Fettuccine Alfredo with Italian Sausage…

I hate to be critical – but ewwww on the presentation.

I ordered Chicken Primavera from their light menu.
{Confession… I still thought it would come with some pasta, just a lighter sauce!!}

The veggies were quite tasty!

All in all we did enjoy Borello’s. The atmosphere was relaxing and romantic and their service was wonderful.

Join me next week as we continue through Mississippi and arrive in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun trip, I love the token Dairy Queen, a must for a road trip I totally agree. I had to laugh at your hubbies dinner pick, a eww totally.

I'm glad to see you joined the sisterhood are you finding it hard to still cook great meals and not eat it all??? I know I am, any tips?