May 14, 2009

Take Me There Thursday


~~ First let me say that the places I will be featuring for Baltimore --- I have not visited. Baltimore is a destination DH & I considered for our honeymoon and we still dream about taking a trip to this wonderful, historic city. So I have a bit of information gathered and will be featuring places, restaurants, etc. that we hope to someday visit. ~~

Charm City Cakes
2936 Remington Avenue

One destination high on my “Baltimore List” is Charm City Cakes. I love watching Ace of Cakes on Food Network – Duff and his staff are creative geniuses. Now, you can not in any way enter the store. And the windows are covered with ‘gel’ to cut out the glare for the cameras… But I would still stand outside and take pictures in front of the sign!

Check out this amazing creation…

It’s cake. It’s edible. It’s mind boggling.

The Dizz

300 W. 30th Street

Just around the corner from Charm City Cakes is a bar/restaurant with a great eclectic vibe.

The Dizz (formerly Dizzy Issies) has a tasty & inexpensive menu as well as drink specials …

The Dizz has won several awards thru the years from Baltimore’s City Paper including: Best Hamburger, Best Happy Hour, Best Corner Bar, Best Neighborhood Bar & Best Club Sandwich.

Also - apparently there is a chance you will see Charm City staff grabbing a bite to eat after hours!

Sounds like a nice evening in Baltimore. Photo op and great local dining! Join me next week for our last day in Baltimore!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that cake is amazing, and so it that restaurant, yum!!

Joyce said...

We fly up to the Baltimore area often to visit relatives but I always forget that the cake bakery is located in Baltimore. I need to check it out some time. Hope your exams went well.