May 7, 2009

Take Me There Thursday


~First let me say that the places I will be featuring for Baltimore --- I have not visited. Baltimore is a destination DH & I considered for our honeymoon and we still dream about taking a trip to this wonderful, historic city. So I have a bit of information gathered and will be featuring places, restaurants, etc. that we hope to someday visit. ~

Before I start discussing the towns culinary attributes, check out the Harbor Court Baltimore hotel - it is stunning.

Just look at that luxurious bathtub!

Ok, now for food…..

Lexington Market

Open Monday-Saturday 8:30 am to 6pm

400 W. Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD

Baltimore’s Lexington Market claims to be the world’s largest continuously running market. The market was founded in 1782 consisting of wagons full of butter, eggs, produce and meats. Growing and changing with the times, wagons changed to shacks, which developed into larger buildings.

The website describes the market as, “10 Fresh Produce Stalls, 11 Delicatessen Stalls, 6 Fresh Fish Stalls, 5 Fresh Poultry Stalls, 8 Bakery Stalls, 6 Fresh Meat Stalls, 3 Candy Stalls and an outstanding variety of prepared foods including 6 Seafood and 19 International Cuisine Stalls complimented by over 80 quality vendors selling various foods and general merchandise” Combine this wide array of delights with annual festivals such as the ‘Chocolate Festival’ and the ‘Preakness Crab Derby,’ and you have a great culinary attraction.

I would love to wonder the booths and sample everything!

Grab some fruit for snacks…

shop for souvenirs….

Have lunch in one of the deli’s …

Mary Mervis Deli looks delicious & everything on the menu is $10.50 and under!

Or some great seafood…

Faidley’s Seafood

Here is a great review – the crab cakes sound simply divine!

This market looks like it would be a wonderful experience & someday I hope to visit. If you have been to the market, or live near the Baltimore area I would love to hear from you! Share your stories, experiences or favorite places and I may (with your permission!) feature you and your recommendation this month!

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