May 6, 2009

Craft Day

A few Saturdays ago my Mom and a friend came over for a 'craft day.' We each had our own projects, brought our supplies and just set to work. We had such a good time (and were so productive!) that we decided to meet once a month for a 'craft day!' I am so excited and already have a nice little list of projects, refinishes and treats to test while we work. :)

I completed two projects.

This glass pitcher was a wedding present - I love this pitcher and was heartbroken when I accidentally put a crack in the handle.... I just refused to let it go. And I'm so glad I kept it! Now it makes a perfect arrangement for our dining table. I bought the flowers (?) 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Then I simply grabbed a strip of ribbon leftover from another project and tied 2 jewelry charms - which I also purchased 50% off at Hobby Lobby - around the neck .

The other project was just one scrapbooking page - making a pretty cover for the planner where I keep details of my sisters fall wedding organized.

I did start a couple of other projects; as soon as they are finished I will post their pictures too. And I will be sure to share projects from our future craft days!

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Michelle said...

Oh that's such a good idea. I love how you're taking time for yourself to get things done you need to. So often we don't do that -- and with good company, too, it appears!