April 24, 2009

Take Me There Thursday

Last night as I was preparing for bed I thought, "Tomorrow I do my Take Me There Thursday post, it's my last week in Hawaii..." Then as I also started thinking about a presentation I had at work this morning something clicked. My days were all jumbled up and I had not posted Take Me There Thursday on Thursday!! I do hope you stick with me as I continue to get into my posting groove!

Oahu, Hawaii

Since this is our last week in Hawaii I actually want to feature 2 restaurants. 1) Because I couldn't decide which to do! 2) Because they are both wonderful, and I have great memories of these restaurants.

Shore Bird Restaurant and Beach Bar: Breakfast Buffet

2169 Kalia Road, Waikiki, Hawaii

Located in the Outrigger Waikiki Hotel, this breakfast buffet is unbeatable. From 7:00 am - 11:00 am enjoy a large variety of tasty items: steamed mahi mahi, Hawaiian Sweet Bread French Toast, fresh pineapple and papaya are among the goodies. This is where I first tried a lychee. I won't give my opinion... I want you to try it on your own :)

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of this hotel is the atmosphere. The seating is arranged so customers have beach views. Completely open windows allow the ocean breeze to blow and awaken your senses (the fresh Kona coffee helps too!)

(View from our table!)

The Shore Bird is another perfect way to start your days in Hawaii. . .

Bubba Gump

1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 3253 Honolulu, Hawaii

Bubba Gump was an amazing experience... we talk often about our meals there. And our amazing waitress! This restaurant is actually located on the second floor of the Ala Moana Shopping Center; it also incorporates open windows and fresh breezes with some tables overlooking the ocean.

The seafood is unbelievably fresh. There were so many options and items we wanted to try we ate the meal "family style" and pushed our plates in the middle and shared everything! I remember someone ordered Mahi Mahi (phenomenal!) and I think I ordered the Salmon and Veggie Platter.... yum! Be sure to browse their menu and see what other tasty items they have to offer.

Once you are finished with your meal, they have a wonderful gift shop. If you are a Forrest Gump fan, you will love everything! There is also a bench outside that is perfect for photo's...

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through restaurants in Oahu! Next month, please join me as I travel and eat my way through Baltimore!

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