April 9, 2009

Take Me There Thursday


Ahhh, another day in Oahu. Today's spotlight is not a specific restaurant - but is a culinary treat none the less...

{the entrance to the Dole Plantation main building}

The Dole corporation was founded in 1851 in Hawaii by James Dole and was originally called the Hawaiian Pineapple Company. In 1989, the plantation opened to the public as Hawaii's "Pineapple Experience." Today you can hop aboard the Pineapple Express, take a tour of the magnificent Plantation Garden...

.. or make your way through the Guinness Book of World Records Pineapple Garden Maze.

Once you have explored the property...

... and taken a few pictures....

... explore the main building. There are educational displays about the Plantation and it's produce and a wonderful gift shop full of fruits, kitchen accessories and jewelry. You can even purchase pineapples to take home!

Your final stop at the Dole Plantation is the Plantation Grille {Menu} where you will immediately purchase and consume a Dole Whip. No questions asked. The entire menu looks quite tasty but we only tried the Dole Whip... and we are still talking about this wonderful ice cream and pineapple creation.

{click photo for source}

Yum Yum!
Interesting fact: According to the Dole corporation website, it is the second largest industry in Hawaii! The plantation has over 1 million visitors a year and sells more than 3,500 pineapple a week.

Aloha & be sure to join me next week as we continue exploring Oahu!

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