April 27, 2009

Movie Monday

{Rated PG-13 for sexual references & a scene of violence}

I love this chick-flick! Probably because of my devotion to Sandra Bullock and Michael Caine... It also has something to do with the wonderful casting, quotable lines and the chemistry of all the actors. :)

This romantic-comedy centers around FBI Agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) as she enters the Miss United State beauty pageant undercover. Accompanied by fellow agent Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt) and consultant Victor Melling (Michael Caine) she is transformed from bumbling and ill-mannered to elegant and refined. Cast includes William Shatner and Candice Bergen.

Dog and Duck Pub

406 West 17th Street, Austin, Texas

The ice-cream scene early in the movie is filmed in this Austin, Texas pub. In fact many scenes throughout the movie are filmed in Austin - including some scenes which were filmed in Sandra Bullock's Austin home.

At home...

Last week, the girls in my Bible study came over to watch Miss Congeniality. Everyone dressed up a little and brought snacks.

I provided carrot sticks, celery and a donut tower to fit with the movie!

There was also Almond Lemon Iced Tea... and the peanut butter was added by request to go with the celery. I made a 7 Layer dip ... and one young lady brought some yummy pinwheels.

The desserts... Pecan tarts, Peanut butter brownies and some amazing cupcakes! My sis brought the cupcakes - I hope to recreate them soon and post the recipe. They were so delicious! {Sorry about the drawer and clutter... guests were arriving and I was rushing to take pictures!}

Setting up for the evening, I turned down the lights, lite several candles and strung Christmas lights around my window and the bar area. I also had flowers around the room - I wanted an intimate, feminine feel to go with our dresses and finger foods.

*Join me next week when I will be featuring a marriage-related movie and a pasta recipe!*

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Songbirdtiff said...

Fun! I love Miss Congeniality. It's one of those movies that I always get sucked into watching when it's on TV. :)

Joyce said...

What fun to have a funny movie & friends and delicious food:) thanks for sharing your girls movie night.