March 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week seems a little crazy! Again, I'm just sticking with a list for the week, one option for every night a dinner is needed & then one extra for backup.... it's nice to have options :)


Well, I am out of frozen Breakfast Burritos.. and the muffins didn't exactly freeze I am trying to come up with another idea. I am going to 'label' shop for a healthier breakfast sausage & definitely grab some yogurt to eat with granola. *Also, my Mom shared a recipe she found in a Southern Living that looks won-der-ful... but I'll let you know how it works out :)


  • Tonight I plan to make a big pot of mixed beans in the crockpot then eat off it for lunches through the week. I might add side salads and 1/2 sandwiches for some extra proteins, veggies and just variety!
  • Option: Hamburger Helper. The last box of Helper in the pantry! Make and divide into containers for lunches or to be frozen.


I'll actually have 2 evening meals on my own this week due to different work schedules... so those nights will be leftovers/beans. And one night we will more than likely be eating of town. Otherwise there will be:

I will post pictures and recipes for the Chicken Lasagna and Ratatouille as soon as they are ready!

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Mandy said...

your dinners sound yummo as well! looking forward to seeing the chicken lasagna recipe. i posted the meatball sub recipe if you are interested.

Jenny Beth @ JenuineJen said...

Your menu looks good. Southern Living always has such good recipes. Hope you have a great week!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Every time I come to your blog I notice how pretty it is!!! Love the colors and I know I might have said that in a previous comment, but I REALLY Love it!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great idea. I might try fruit next time.


Michelle said...

I was looking at the deconstructed lasagna recipe...and YUMMY YUM YUM!

You mentioned price breakouts...this is really good to do---I have found that doing that has helped me figure out ways to trim the cost.

Good blog!

Mary Beth said...

How organized in a tasty way. I am ashamed to admit it...but some days dinner planning for me is standing by the freezer waiting for something to throw itself out the door and beg to be cooked. Thanks so much for the inspiration. : )