February 26, 2009

Office Project: Plant Trellis

{I've mentioned that my office needs some work & decorating before.... well here was my first project. }

I had an ivy plant that was getting too long for its current pot. And I had a metal container that set above my cabinets... so I decided I wanted to find a little 'trellis' and put the ivy in the container. Since I was having difficulty finding one small enough, DH suggested I just make my own.

{plant needs a good dusting doesn't it? geez... sorry ivy!}

  1. First I re-potted the ivy in a larger plastic pot (lighter!) that fit snugly inside the metal container.

  2. Bending of the wire hangers: First I straightened out the 'hook' part of the hanger - looking back I would have done this last, because I think the 'hook' would have made a nice handle when trying to shape the trellis! Next, I bent the hanger into a circle, and folded in half - it looked like a large letter "C" with a handle. Then I twisted the now straightened 'hooks' together. I slipped loop "1" over loop "2" and folded loop "1" up. Once this is maneuvered (and believe me, even with the pliers it took a lot of maneuvering!) I pulled apart the folded "C's." {I do apologize for these horrible directions - I sorta made up the trellis as I went, hopefully the pictures help!}

  3. {Looks like a pumpkin!}

  4. Then I stuck it in the pot near the ivy's roots and wound the ivy around one 'spoke.' I'm hoping as the ivy grows and I continue to wind it around - it will create a nice "O." Once it's thicker I want to add some Christmas lights weaving around as well. {I've seen this done before and the lights look so pretty!}

The green pot is what the ivy was in originally; I had a ivy cutting in my office - I planted it in the newly available green & the ivy with it's new trellis is back on my cabinet! It only cost anything 30 minutes & I needed to get those wire hangers out of the closet anyway.

{I want to note that both the ivy's mentioned are cuttings from an ivy my parents had delivered to my first out-of-college job- which is still alive and sitting behind my computer!}

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Songbirdtiff said...

Very nicely done. In a house with two cats, I can never keep a house plant alive. I've given up. :)

Tikimama said...

Very pretty and creative! Now I know what to do the next time a wire hanger makes its way into my house! I don't want to sound smart-alecky, but isn't that a pothos or philodendron? I've had so many over the years, and they live forever!

JoseG said...

Great idea. I've been looking for something to do for my vanilla orchid and this looks like a nice idea!