February 12, 2009

Chocolate Overload

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, I find myself gathering recipes for all kinds of chocolate treats. Ok, ok... I'll be honest... I'm ALWAYS gathering chocolate recipes, these are just heart shaped!

From Kraft Foods: Cupid's Best Brownies

Note: After making heart shapes, freeze brownie edges and scraps. These random chunks are perfect later in trifles or even crumbles over ice cream!

The Sweet Life's Cream Cheese Brownie Cupcakes - These just look absolutely amazing. And using a marble to make heart shaped cupcakes is ingenious!

A little bit of inspiration.... MySweetandSaucy on Flickr posted this beautiful cupcake photo.

Valentine's this year is a little subdued in my home. We had a weekend getaway last week and we count that as our 'Valentine's Day.' While I adore the romantic side of the holiday - it is very commercialized and a lot of pressure for the perfect gifts, flowers, dates, meals, etc. Honestly, a nice meal at home, maybe go see a romantic-comedy- just a day of enjoying each others company without the normal hustle and bustle or work and chores would be a wonderful gift....... and some chocolate. Definitely something sweet.....

Happy {early} Valentine's Day!

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Do it yourselfer said...

Hey Kristen,
Just wanted to make sure you knew you won the giveaway. Thanks for playing and I can't wait to check out all your recipes.

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I'm still going to make those brownies. Valentine's Day isn't the only day for a little chocolate love!