January 14, 2009

New Year, New Direction!

It's a new blog - sorta! I started this blog quite some time ago, but didn't consistently post anything- so this year I have decided to revamp the page a little, create a special heading and become better organized.

  1. Become a better photographer. I love taking pictures of projects and food, but still struggle with lighting and the many different functions on my camera.
  2. I plan to have "Movie Mondays" showing restaurants or discussing dishes seen in movies or television.
  3. Also, I thinking about a "Travel Tuesday" or "Trash to Treasure Tuesday".....haven't decided!
  4. Develop relationships with other bloggers - there is so much to learn and share!

I have several projects I am currently working on (or at least have purchased and are patiently waiting for their turn.)

  • All Christmas is clearanced at Hobby Lobby and last weekend I purchased boxes of ornaments hoping to make wreaths.
  • I also found on the clearance aisle a cute metal flower pot - I haven't decided if I want to paint or treat it in some way, but I plan to make a topiary of some sort for my kitchen.
  • I have a quilt cut but need to start sewing.
  • A few leftover Christmas crafts need some TLC before going back into storage.
  • ...and Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching! I have a few gift ideas for co-workers and the girls in my Bible study, but don't want to post them till later ;)


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