January 26, 2009

Movie Monday

Sleepless in Seattle
Yes, I know last week was a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie as well (I love their movies, in case you haven't noticed!) - but I decided to choose Sleepless in Seattle this Monday because last summer I had the joy of visiting a restaurant from this movie! And since I am sitting at my desk daydreaming about being back in Seattle....why not take you all back there with me!

The Athenian (which does not, that I have found, have a website) is where actors Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner have a conversation about dating in the 90's - Tom Hanks I believe is eating a bowl of steamed clams in the scene...

My hubby & I however were quite overwhelmed by the menu....
front and back everyone--- that is a lot of options! Since hub's had never eaten raw oysters from the 1/2 shell, we ordered a small appetizer of those. I think after that initial experience I can safely say he will never order those again, but is glad it is one item he can mark off his list! For lunch, he had Fish and Chips, while I ordered breakfast items. Locally made sausage, eggs, hash browns, fresh biscuit and a wonderful cup of Seattle coffee.

It was reasonably priced, wonderful food, great service and an amazing view!

If you ever find yourself wondering Pike's Market in Seattle, please do these few things for me:

  1. 1. Watch the flying fish! The throwing of the fish in the market is very entertaining and well worth the wait. But be careful- if you get too close you might get a little wet!
  2. 2. There are many levels to the Market with a variety of stores. I love the Vintage Record store (still can't believe I did not buy that Doris Day or the Willie Nelson records!!!); no matter your tastes walk through the market and enjoy this little piece of West Coast culture!
  3. 3. Of course - eat at the Athenian! The restaurant has a couple of levels so that most seats have a water view.
  4. 4. Fresh fruit - there are several local fruit vendors willing to give samples of their tasty produce. Be sure to buy a few pears and a bag of cherries to enjoy later in the day.

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Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love that you're doing Movie Mondays and featuring restaurants and food from them. How fun!! I was just thinking that I needed to rent "Sleepless in Seattle" again because it's been years since I saw it last. Maybe I'll have a chance to get it next weekend.

I'd love to go to Seattle sometime and visit Pike's Market.