June 25, 2008

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

**Sorry, there are no pictures!**

I set out the other night to make a 'Chocolate Eclair Cupcake' and soon realized I was making 'Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes!' I used a regular cake mix, but added cinnamon and extra vanilla. While those were baking I made vanilla pudding from scratch for the first time! And I have to say, it will be hard to go back to the boxed instant pudding - it was incredibly easy, fast and quite tasty! Also, I made chocolate icing from scratch - which was perfect.

The cupcakes were a big hit at the office too (they are my taste test subjects) Next time I will try making vanilla cupcakes from scratch - once I find a great base cupcake recipe, I will have my second, complete & tested, from scratch cupcake! [#1 being the Margarita cupcakes with Lime Buttercream frosting]

After finding a base recipe, I plan to experiment with a Tiramisu Cupcake.... and Pecan Sticky Buns from scratch..... and throwing a 'TV Dinner' themed party....

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