January 11, 2008

Sparks Vineyard & Winery is an Oklahoma based company and produces lovely wines. I tried the wine pictured - Deep Fork Red, a sweet table wine, with friends and loved it. It is described as grape juice for adults! It is available in a few, select stores throughout Oklahoma and is approx. $16.99 a bottle.

There is currently a bottle of Deep Fork Red in my refrigerator - it's amazing that that one bottle has me looking at wine cabinets, racks, glasses, different varieties, and creating a 'to taste' list!

For example....

To Taste:

  • Sparks Vineyard & Winery- Oklahoma- MerrLin (instead of Merlot)
  • Alice White- Australia- Shiraz- $7.00
  • David Bruce - Petit Syrah
  • Altano Douro - Portugal- Red Table Wine- $7.00

To Shop:

Go, little book, and wish to all

Flowers in the garden, meat in the hall,

A bin of wine, a spice of wit,

A house with lawns enclosing it,

A living river by the door,

A nightingale in the sycamore!

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

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