July 3, 2007

I watched the movie "Ratatouille' yesterday and it was adorable. Of course, the entire movie made me hungry for some crusty bread, soft cheese and a large glass of shiraz! (If in Paris - or anywhere in Europe - while consuming those items, all the better!) One particular about the movie that I loved was how the main character worked to get those around him to focus on what they were eating. Not just consuming the food, but focusing on the different flavors, to be creative and inventive with combinations of flavors. It was a delightful theme throughout - take a moment and savor life. Take a chance. Be daring. Try something new. Look at something with a different perspective.

To me, the way you approach cooking is a lot how you might approach life. Are you in a rut, not willing to go outside your boundaries? Life is a gift - a ticking, slowly evaporating gift and I don't want to waste anything. Mix it up, throw in some spice, go outside your box, be creative and in the end I want people to say she lived; she didn't exist - she lived.

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