June 27, 2007

This should begin by declaring I love food. I love cooking, experimenting with ingredients and recipes & I love to eat. I consider myself an amateur foodie - never stopping in my quest to learn and taste more. I am a food nut - the road that led me to be a food nut? Well, that is a different post all together.

I am working on a cookbook - I have always wanted to write a cookbook and after support and encouragement from those around me I have decided to give it a try. I am just beginning to experiment with recipes, narrow down a 'theme' for the book and starting to think of the layout and design of the book. My friends and family have volunteered to be 'guinea pigs' in the experiementation process so it should prove to be fun! I am nervous, excited and scared about this possibility, but for years I have dared to dream - now do I dare to succeed?

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Anonymous said...


Your web-site is really neat. You are so creative! I know you can write an excellent cookbook. I can't wait to talk about your progress this weekend.

Love you,